Zenith Harmonic Patterns Predictor


Zenith Harmonic Patterns Predictor gives the trader a chance to trade a Trend by targeting the D point and when D is hit, trading a reversal for even more pips.

The settings can be adjusted to a traders desire, for example the the accuracy level can be set to 80%, 90% or 60% or any number in between.. the lover the number the more patterns or trade targets you are likely to get, the higher the number the less the trade targets you are likely to get, but the more the likelihood that a target will go to the expected direction.

This is a new era for traders who like to trade patterns and get a chance to trade a trend and a reversal too. This software is appropriate for medium to expert proficiency in trading.

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Linux/MacOS/Windows 10/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 9x/Windows XP

Home:  https://www.zenithharmonic.com/

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Author: Joachim

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