Vset3D Show


Vset3D SHOW is a virtual set software with Volumetric lights and DMX Fixtures, fully compatible with, vMix and Newtek NDI.


Some of the Vset3D key features
Real-time 3D Software
Real-time ChromaKeyer
3 NDI input NewTek NDI®
4 NDI output NewTek NDI®
Native Support For Blackmagic IN/OUT Card
3 Live video input and Output
 FBX Set import
4K h264 video files
Real-time Shadows
Real-time reflection
No rendering time
Internal video capture tool
SkyDome and animated Clouds
Depth of field

Audio & Video / Video Tools

Windows 10

Home:  http://www.virtualsetworks.com

Price: USD 695

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Author: Joachim

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