Virto Password Reset Web Part for SP2010


Virto Password Reset & Recovery Web Part for Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 allows any user logged in to the SharePoint portal using Active Directory authentication to reset his password without contacting administrator. New temporary password will be shown online or sent to email box according to the web part configuration. 

Why need Virto & Active Directory Password Reset Web Part

This web part is used for quick and simple resolving of situations when a user forgets his password or the password is expired according to password security policy. If there is no such a tool, user must contact his AD or administrator every time he needs to change the password.

How the Web Part works


SharePoint site uses Windows Authentication and users’ profiles are stored in Active Directory. A user tries to logon to SharePoint site of his company but he has forgotten the password. He needs to change his password and enter the site.


This user cannot logon to SharePoint site. But he can navigate to SharePoint WSS site with anonymous access (created by SharePoint administrator before) and use Virto Password Reset Web Part installed on it. As a result user receives his password for access to SharePoint site.

How to implement

To implement the solution and make it possible for SharePoint users to reset their password when they cannot logon to SharePoint site, the following actions must be done:

  1. SharePoint WSS site with anonymous access should be created.
  2. SharePoint WSS site with anonymous access should be created.
  3. Virto Password Reset Web Part should be installed on WSS site.
  4. SharePoint users must be informed about this site existence or automatic redirect for wrong password cases can be adjusted.
  5. Virto Password Reset Web Part must be adjusted (security question or email option, see Virto Password Reset Administration section)


Online Password Recovering

There are two ways of working with passwords – request a new password on the site online or by email. According to security policy in the first case before the password changing, user will be offered to answer some secret questions (from one to three). Secret questions are set by system administrator and the values are taken from corresponding fields of AD profile (for instance, date of birth, mobile phone and etc.). In case of successful verifying the option of password reset will be available for this user. As soon as he activates it online he will see his new temporary password. Password security policy defined in AD is applied for generating the password.

E-mail Password Recovery

If the password is sent by email, user must enter his login and email address to receive the new password to. Then the message about user’s password request and suggestion to confirm or decline the reset will be sent to this email address. If the reset is confirmed, one more email message with new password will be sent.

Pay attention to the fact that new password is temporary and it is required to change it to a constant one. This can be done with the help of system administrator or Virto Password Change Web Part. Thus in case of both web part installation you will have the complex solution for SharePoint password management. 


  • Active Directory Password Reset.
  • Form Based Authentication Password Reset.
  • Online Password Delivery.
  • Email Password Delivery.
  • Ability to use up to 3 security questions for AD Password Reset.
  • Letter for password reset request confirmation.
  • Enforce user to change temporary password upon next login.
  • Ability to use web part outside SharePoint Portal.
  • Ability to set password complexity (min-max. number and type of symbol.


Software Development / Components & Libraries

Windows Server 2008/Windows Server 2012


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