Virto Create & Clone AD User for SP2007


Large companies and organizations often need to create a lot of AD user profiles when hiring new people, moving staff across departments or re-organizing the company structure. With Virto Create & Clone AD User web part, one can easily create a new AD account via SharePoint interface by simply filling a few fields such as first and last names, email, login and password as well as departments and SharePoint groups they are assigned to.

For a more convenient way to add new AD accounts, Virto Create & Clone AD User provides a “clone” option. With this option one can easily clone an existing AD profile by choosing data fields that are to be cloned: e.g. department, office phone and address, company domain, etc.

Software Development / Components & Libraries

Windows 2000/Windows NT/Windows Vista/Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008


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Author: Joachim

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