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TotalPurge feature list:

Key drawing optimization features:
  • Finding and removing duplicate objects.
  • Finding and removing objects located in overlapping areas of other objects.
  • Finding and replacing two or more co-directional objects forming an interface node with a single entity.
  • Finding and replacing two or more co-directional objects partially overlapping each other with a single entity.
  • Replacing serial collinear chains of same objects with a single object.
  • Finding and removing redundant vertices in polylines (POLYLINE, LWPOLYLINE).
  • Optimizing jointly and separately entities LINE, CICRLE, ARC and polylines POLYLINE, LWPOLYLINE.
  • Properly handling entities located in different planes and ensuring 100% support for all user coordinate systems (UCS).
  • Two built-in optimization methods.
  • High performance compared to existing competitors (OVERKILL).

Additional optimization features:
  • Finding and removing lines of short length.
  • Finding and removing circles and arcs of small radius.
  • Bridging gaps in various entity combination interface nodes (including those forming closed areas).

Converting entities of various types into polylines:
  • Converting joint entities into multiple-vertice polylines (smart conversion).
  • Converting entities forming closed loop into closed polylines.
  • Option to convert entities into polylines on the “as is” principle (trivial conversion).
  • Converting spline objects (SPLINE, ELLIPSE, POLYLINE) into optimized polylines LWPOLYLINE.
  • Option to convert spline objects into polylines using approximation by both line and arc segments. 

Block operations:
  • Converting geometrically identical closed two-dimensional contours into a set of same-type blocks using the new efficient block creator.
  • Optimizing data within blocks using all the above mentioned features.
  • Converting objects into polylines within blocks using trivial and smart conversion methods.
  • High performance when processing great numbers of blocks.
Other features:
  • Running in a dedicated thread.
  • Synchronizing and bringing entity normal vectors to uniformity.
  • Increased protection in data processing. All object manipulation procedures are carried out in hidden records.
  • Improved rollback (undo) function, preventing corruption of data in case of abnormal termination of the application.

Benefits of using the software:
  • Significant decrease of drawing file size (especially for large drawings consisting of numerous primary units) up to 15% and more.
  • Accelerated performance when working with drawings (due to reduced drawing size) after optimization (especially when working with large drawings).

Convenient friendly interface:
  • Simplicity and ease of installation using the classic installer.
  • Toolbar for quick and easy launching.
  • Selection of both individual drawing fragments and all objects on current layout.
  • Sophisticated application settings window.
  • Assigning new properties to objects prior to launching optimization.
  • Comprehensive help system.
  • Automatic serial optimization of entities on all layers.
  • Improved user interface.

Support for major 32-bit versions of AutoCAD:
  • AutoCAD 2006.
  • AutoCAD 2007 – 2009.
  • AutoCAD 2010 – 2012.
  • AutoCAD 2013 – 2014.

Support for 64-bit versions of AutoCAD:
  • AutoCAD 2008 – 2009.
  • AutoCAD 2010 – 2012.
  • AutoCAD 2013 – 2014.

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Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows Vista/Windows XP


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