SleepTimer Customization Service


*Terms & Conditions
By purchasing this customization service you understand and agree contractually to the following:
1: Making a purchase of the customization service does not automatically qualify the purchasee any right to the service if they do not meet the criteria contained within these terms and conditions.
2: Refunds or reimbursement are forfeit once delivery of the customized software are accepted by the purchasee.
3: Only an owner of or authority to use trademark or copyright material may qualify and must provide proof of ownership.
4: Ownership or confirmation of authority to use the purchasee specified domain name in the customized software must be provided.
5: The purchasee is responsible for distribution of the customized software.
6: In future, should the purchasee nominated website address or URL or in the event a redirect is in place, become hostile or considered ‘rogue’ or become a security risk or host illegal content the purchasee will be liable for financial damages or littigated.
7: reserves the right to refuse service with no explenation at it’s own discression.
8: Updates or changes to these Terms & Conditions come into effect immediately after release on “”.  The purchasee agrees to be notified of these changes by their email address.
9: and the purchasee are in agreement over the End User Licence Agreement supplied with the customized software.

Business & Finance / Business Management

Windows 2000/Windows 7/Windows NT/Windows Vista/Windows XP


Price: USD 249.95

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