Redmine CRM plugin

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This plugin is a CRM for Redmine that allows you to manage customers and contacts, track deals and tasks.

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Redmine CRM plugin


Contacts and companies

See complete information from other RedmineUP plugins—issues, orders, products, tickets or projects in which a given contact shows up.


Add notes and attachements to contacts, as well as information of a type of contact (phone, email, meeting) and tags.

Sales Opportunities

Create Deals and assign the probability to estimate your expected income. Track them using multiple views, from Gantt to Agile-like boards.

Send emails

You can send emails from Redmine. Attach files or related issues, notes, and add related people in the CC.

See Related Issues

See the Issues in which person is involved displayed in their profile, to know the history of correspondence and projects.

Use Sales Funnel

Use custom Deal statuses to create your sales pipeline and track income at every stage of it.

Translated into 24 languages

Azerbaijan, Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, Greek, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Chinese (Taiwan), Vietnamese.

Additional features:

  • Common and projects' contacts list
  • Tags
  • English, Russian, Chines, Czech, German, French, Dutch and others translations
  • Contacts wiki-macros, Email notifications, REST API (for contacts), Custom fields for contacts, deals, and notes
  • Import contacts from CSV, Google, vCard
  • Export contacts to CSV, XLS, vCard (vpim gem)
  • Email dropbox for contacts and deals
  • Helpdesk plugin compatibility (sells separately)
  • Invoices plugin compatibility (sells separately)

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