‘CQlite’ for ClearQuest. Safe and secure client (user license)

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Safe client for ClearQuest. This tool provides the owner of the project to grant the limited access to project data in CQ base for the external teams involved in project. It also allows to export bug-reports in XML to distribute it to external teams which can edit it in MS Excel and send it back for automatic synchronization with CQ base. Using this tool provides assurance in confidentiality of the project data which keeps authorized access only.

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‘CQlite’ for ClearQuest. Safe and secure client (user license)

The module is designed to work with IBM Rational ClearQuest in a manner that allows the system administrator to limit user access privileges: viewing queried records, adding new records and changing the state of records. It does not support creating or editing reports; it’s meant to work with database queries only.

Existing queries (that are created with the standard ClearQuest client) are organized into a tree view for convenience. Data export to XML is also supported.
The module is notable for being simple to use and configure.

Category: Business & Finance / Project Management

Platforms: Windows Server 2008/Windows Server 2003/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows NT/Windows 9x/Windows 2000

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