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PDF Watermark Remover is designed to remove texts as well as graphic based watermarking from your own PDF documents. PDF Watermark Remover is power enough to delete banner, logo, header, footer text & images from PDF.

PDF Watermark Remover is a very helpful and very easy to use utility if you applied a wrong watermark on your original pdf file previously with no backup of original pdf file, and now wishing to remove the watermarks from pdf so get back the original document.

It only remove the watermarks from PDF document and don't affect other datas in pdf, so the output PDF file keep the original layout and formats.

In order to remove watermark from a PDF, Program requires a few simple steps in Wizard style.

  1.  Select one pdf document which you want to remove watermarks from it.
  2.  Scan for all text watermarks and select one or more text watermarks to be removed.
  3.  Scan for all image watermarks and select one or more image watermarks to be removed,
  4.  Check some other options for watermarks removal
  5.  Delete the selected watermarks from pdf file permanently and save to output PDF file.
  6.  Use the same watermak settings to process bulk of other pdf documents.

PDF Watermark Remover Features

  • Supports removal of image based watermarking, preview the scanned images either in thumb preview or list by how many pages use them, so you can quickly select the image watermarks to be removed.
  • Supports removal of text based watermarking, provide 4 method to scan the text watermarks, 
  • Choose text watermarks to be removed
  • and before save the output watermark removed PDF, support some additional option for some other style watermarks removal which were unscanned by previous scan process.
  • Before save
  • Can also remove logo, banner, signature or other image(s) from your own pdf file
  • Use color remove feature, you can also remove some watermarks from image which were useful for scanned pdf.
  • Select colors to be removed
  • Wizard style interface, easy to use, can guid you remove any images and texts from the pdf file.
  • Keep the pdf file structure after removal of watermark, thus can be called as non-destructive application.
  • Can remove thousands of Watermarks and images of pdf files in seconds with the same watermark settings
  • Supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat pdf documents.
  • Don't need install Adobe Acrobat when do watermark remove. (You need install some other pdf reader software to preview the PDF).
  • Is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 , windows 8 and Windows 10 operating system.

Pdf Watermark Remover is not intended to violate someone's copyright. So please do not use this software to delete watermarks from pdf document which you don't own.

Vendor: http://www.sunny-studio.com

Category: Utilities / Automation Tools

Platform:Windows 10/Windows 2000/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows Vista/Windows XP

Price: USD 59




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