NotifyMe Basic Commercial Licence


NotifyMe is a dynamic and flexible reminder system that can be programmed to display simple bold multimedia messages on pc's. 

NotifyMe can be programmed to function for many environments.  At home, work and even for fun.

The commercial licence gives the licence holder the right to use NotifyMe within their organization. 

Companies, governments, charities and any other entity other than an individual person are required to purchase a NotifyMe licence.

This particular licence for $100.00 is the basic entry level package where upto 50 users may utilize NotifyMe within an organization. 

After purchasing this licence a request for the number of users will be emailed.  This will determine the final price of the second invoice for the NotifyMe commercial licence.  Upon finalizing the account full support will be available.

Organizations requiring access for more than 50 users will be invoiced under the following pricing structure.

Up to 50 users (No additional charge)

50 – 1000 users (add $0.50 per user)

1000 + users (add $0.25 per user)

Multimedia & Design / Animation

Windows 2000/Windows 7/Windows NT/Windows Vista/Windows XP


Price: USD 100

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Author: Joachim

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