Modular-Trader 12 Month Licence


Discover a new form of investment, with the revolutionary Accuracy-Investment modular trading system.

This fully automated trading system offers the convenience of a managed account coupled with the flexibility of various signal providers and yet gives you the full control over the trades that are executed on your trading account.

The Accuracy-Investment modular trading system contains a repertory of 30 trading strategies combiend in one big single package.

You can choose via drag and drop, which of the provided strategies you want to use on your traing account and create an investment plan for your needs and that at your own pace.

Each individual trading strategy has been especially developed for the respective currency pair / time window and were optimized based on our live trading results.

The idea behind this system is that many individual strategies combiend distribute the basic risk of forex trading and reduce potential losses dramatically, while accumulating the profit for your account.

One of the biggest advantages of this modular-system is the incredible flexibility, because you can simply modify your investment plan by adding, removing or adjusting our strategies.

Another great advantage of this modular-system is the risk management. You can decide if you want to play make a safe and steady investment while spreading the risk over a few currency pairs, without overlapping or if you want to overlap strategies on purpose to gain more of a single currency pair.

Last but not least to mention is that this package also contains three „complete packages“, which are optimized for the account sizes of 1.000€, 5.000€ and 10.000€ in addition to the 30 free to combine trading strategies.


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