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Inesoft Phone 7 will turn your Windows Mobile communicator into the best phone you ever had. It will allow you to find contacts momentary, a few taps is just enough to make it. Inesoft Phone software is optimized for one-hand operating, integrated with SMS services and Pocket Calendar. It is fast and reliable. Compatible with and device powered by Windows Mobile 5, 6. Contact Advanced contact manager offers you unique features that you will not find anywhere else. Additional form fields, fast contact search system and many more. Stylus-free operating ready. Dialer Fully featured replacement for the standard dialer with convenient access to call and SMS history, fast dilling and more. Favorites A window with your favorite contacts, just tap on a picture to initiate a call. History Grouped call history with a complete information on every call. Allows to sort calls by contact and create reports. Profile Phone ringtone managing and unwanted call blocking. CallerID Detailed Caller ID product presentation. Ringtone Every contact or contact group can have a personal ringtone. Supported formats: WAV, MP3, MIDI. Photo Easy to use photo editor to make your contact photos look like you want. Skin Choose contact details being presented on incoming call. Large picture or detailed information? Anything you wish, no compromises. Just download and install a skin you like for free. SMS Integration with the SMS services, inserts contact’s name if a number was found in the message. Widely compatible Full compatible with MS Outlook. All fields included custom fields and photos successful synchronized with ActiveSync Outlook.

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