Disk Doctors XFS Data Recovery


Disk Doctors XFS Data Recovery is advanced recovery software designed to recover lost data from XFS formatted volumes.

Disk Doctors XFS Data Recovery software can recover data, when

  1. Volume is not mounting
  2. Super Block is corrupt
  3. IAG (Inode Allocation Group) is corrupt
  4. AG (Allocation Group) is corrupt
  5. Partitions / Volumes are missing or corrupted

Due to architecture of XFS file system “undelete” of deleted files is not possible. However, the software is capable enough to handle any other logical corruption with XFS volume and it can recover lost data from severely damaged XFS volumes.

Disk Doctors XFS recovery software must be installed on a Windows machine and the drive containing XFS volume then can be attached as a secondary drive to recover lost data. This software helps to recover lost data from different types of storages, which include SATA, IDE/ATA, SCSI, or USB drives. The software has collection of extended algorithms to recover data lost due to virus attacks, accidental disk formatting, software/hardware faults, or disk re-partitioning.

Utilities / File & Disk Management

Windows 2000/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008

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