dbForge Studio for MySQL


dbForge Studio for MySQL is a feature-rich MySQL and MariaDB IDE for database development, management and administration. It helps developers and DBAs streamline daily routine tasks and improve productivity by up to 60%.

Key Features*:

  • SQL code completion and formatting
  • MySQL debugger
  • Visual query builder
  • Query profiler
  • Visual database designer
  • Data export/import
  • Data and schema comparison and synchronization
  • Database backup and restore features
  • Database administration and maintenance
  • Security and session managers
  • Data analysis (report and chart builders, pivot tables)
  • Database documenter
  • Data generator
  • Multiple database duplication
  • Support for SSL/SSH/HTTP connections
  • Database projects
  • Database refactoring
  • Database explorer
  • Data and object editors

* The listed features refer to the Enterprise edition. If you are interested in another edition, please check the Editions page.
Software Development / Databases & Networks

Home:  http://www.devart.com

Price: USD 149.95

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