dbForge Fusion for Oracle


dbForge Fusion for Oracle is a Microsoft Visual Studio plugin that helps accomplish all database development and administration tasks directly from your favorite IDE.

Key features*:

  • Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Integration with dotConnect for Oracle
  • Support for all Oracle servers
  • Administration and maintenance: security manager, session manager
  • Data analysis: data reporting, pivot tables, master-detail data browser
  • Database comparison and synchronization
  • Data editor
  • Schema export/import
  • Database explorer
  • Integrated debugger
  • Data export/import
  • Flat table editor
  • Object editors
  • Database projects
  • Query builder
  • Query profiler
  • SQL editing and execution
  • Visual database designer

* The listed features refer to the Professional edition. If you are interested in another edition, please check the Editions page.
Software Development / Databases & Networks

Home:  http://www.devart.com

Price: USD 399.95

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Author: Joachim

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