dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle


dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle contains two tools, dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle and dbForge Data Compare for Oracle, and offers a significant discount if compared with purchasing either tool separately.

Key features of dbForge Data Compare for Oracle*:

  • No need in an Oracle client
  • Comparison of tables, views and materialized views
  • Comparison of data with different structures
  • Comparison of multiple schemas at once
  • Data synchronization in LOB and BFILE columns
  • Generation of extended data comparison reports
  • WHERE filter for extra large tables or custom data comparison
  • Generation of SQL*Plus-compatible synchronization scripts
  • Task automation via CLI

Key features of dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle*:

  • Support for a wide range of object types
  • Rich schema comparison and synchronization options
  • Smart analysis of comparison results
  • Schema synchronization
  • Task automation via CLI
  • Schema snapshots and version control integration

* The listed features refer to the Professional edition. If you are interested in another edition, please check the Editions pages of each tool.
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Price: USD 349.95

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